TIPRO's 2014 State of Energy Report:

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2014 State of Energy Report


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TIPRO Employment and Establishments Report for Q1 2014


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2013 State of Energy Report
























































State Of Energy

TIPRO's 2014 "State of Energy Report"

The Texas Independent Producers & Royalty Owners Association is proud to release its second annual "State of Energy Report," which offers a detailed analysis of national and state trends in employment and wages by the oil and gas industry. The report covers the leading ten states in the country, as well as provides an unbiased overview of the national oil and gas industry as well.

National Key Findings
  • The U.S. oil and gas industry employed more than 1,012,800 in 2013, up 3 percent or 30,800 from the previous year.

  • The oil and gas industry paid a national annualized average wage of $103,400 in 2013, more than 108 percent more than the national average private sector wage.

  • Payroll in the oil and gas industry totaled $105 billion in 2013, an increase of 1 percent from 2012, adjusted for inflation.

    State Key Findings
  • Texas led the nation in oil and gas jobs, with more than 411,600 people employed by the industry, adding 23,100 jobs since 2012.

  • Oil and gas jobs in Texas also paid on average 128 percent more than the average private sector job in Texas, $118,900 compared to $52,100 in 2013.

  • Louisiana’s oil and gas industry ranked second by employment with 79,600 jobs.

  • Oklahoma (78,000), California (46,400), and Pennsylvania (34,300) rounded out the remaining top five states by oil and gas employment in 2013.

  • About the Report

    Additional national and state data related to employment, wages, payroll, and other economic factors by the oil and gas industry can be found by downloading the full TIPRO "State of Energy Report."

    To download your copy of the report, please visit the links on the left sidebar.

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