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TIPRO Supports New Funding Measure for Transportation Infrastructure Investment

Austin, TX – Today Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick and Senator Robert Nichols held a joint press conference announcing a proposed funding measure for transportation infrastructure maintenance and investment. The proposal would specifically dedicate vehicle sales tax revenues in excess of $2.5 billion a year to the state highway fund. Use of these dedicated funds would be limited to the acquisition of right of way, construction and maintenance of nontolled roads and bridges, and to pay off general revenue Proposition 12 transportation debt. If approved by voters via a Constitutional amendment in November of this year, the program would officially begin in the 2018-19 biennium.

“We appreciate the leadership of Lieutenant Governor Patrick and Senator Nichols and their continued commitment to addressing our transportation and state infrastructure needs,” said Ed Longanecker, president of the Texas Independent Producer & Royalty Owners Association (TIPRO). “Providing adequate funding for road repair, maintenance and infrastructure investment remains a priority for our organization and the Texas oil and gas industry. This issue is of particular importance in areas of the state that have experienced a significant increase in exploration and production activity in recent years. TIPRO remains focused on supporting legislative measures that effectively address these needs to ensure the safety of Texas citizens, as well as to support continued commerce and economic growth for our state and industry.”

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