Upstream Texas

TIPRO Issue2 21 CoverTIPRO is the voice of Texas’ upstream sector and represents members by lobbying at the state and federal levels to ensure they can continue to explore for and produce oil and natural gas. As the official bi-annual magazine of the association, Upstream Texas features insights into the opportunities and challenges currently facing the Texas oil and gas industry, as well as profiles key industry players and regulators.

Read the latest issue of Upstream Texas here. With continuous shifts in global oil markets, Texas producers and members of TIPRO are closely watching the recovery of oil prices and are keen to understand how different dynamics such as supply and demand patterns as well as the policy environment might impact short- and long-term conditions. In this issue of Upstream Texas, experts from oil and gas data analytics company Enverus highlight their outlook on where oil prices are headed and explain whether higher oil prices can be sustained. Also in this edition of the the association's magazine, TIPRO reviews trends supporting the growth of liquified natural gas (LNG) that has been produced in Texas. With strains in the market, particularly across European nations, this Upstream Texas feature examines how Texas LNG is poised to keep rising and will aid in addressing energy challenges in the European Union and elsewhere around the globe. TIPRO also is excited to highlight in the 'Fall/Winter 2021' edition of Upstream Texas top officials and industry leaders, including Texas Congressman Michael Burgess, Texas Transportation Commission Chairman J. Bruce Bugg, Jr., and Laredo Petroleum President and Chief Executive Officer Jason Pigott. 

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