Texas Legislature

As the Texas Legislature establishes new laws each legislative session to regulate industry operations, TIPRO works hard to preserve the ability to explore and produce oil and natural gas in the state of Texas. During the state's legislative session, TIPRO tracks policy changes on behalf of the association's membership, working with state leaders to ensure a stable legislative and regulatory environment that will continue to prove conducive to economic growth and favorable for energy development in the Lone Star State.

During the 2023 Texas Legislative Session, top legislative priorities for TIPRO included:

Improving the Reliability of the Texas Electric Grid

Water Infrastructure and Supply

Orphan Wells

Reinvestment of Severance Taxes in Oilpatch Communities

and much more!

To catch up on notable TIPRO accomplishments from the 87th Texas Legislative Session and learn about the outcome of legislative proposals relevant for the oil and gas industry during the last legislative cycle, download TIPRO's '2021 End of Session State Legislative Report'  here.