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Governor Greg Abbott Honored With TIPRO's Hats Off Award for Championing Texas Energy

Austin, Texas - During the Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association’s (TIPRO) 76th Annual Convention in Austin this week, TIPRO proudly recognized the Honorable Greg Abbott, governor of the state of Texas, as the 2022 TIPRO Hats Off Award honoree for his steadfast support of policies that have protected the Texas oil and gas industry and promoted long term growth of the state's energy sector. 

 Since first being elected in 2014 as governor, Abbott has championed legislation and a regulatory environment that ensures Texas remains the energy and economic engine of America. In recent years, as the top elected official of the largest U.S. oil and gas producing state, the governor has signed into law policies that continue to unleash the state's resilient oil and gas industry. He has also continuously demonstrated his commitment to defend oil and gas workers -- in 2021, Governor Abbott pushed back against hostile attacks against the industry from Washington D.C. by signing an executive order acknowledging the strength of the oil and gas industry and challenging any federal action otherwise threatening the vitality of the state's energy sector. Further, the governor has dependably spearheaded other important initiatives of priority to the members of TIPRO and those involved with the upstream E&P sector, including infrastructure development, job creation and workforce expansion, economic growth, tax reform and other pressing issues. 

Before his term as governor, Abbott also earned a national reputation as the 50th and longest-serving attorney general, where he also repeatedly defended the Texas energy industry and fought against onerous industry regulations promulgated by the federal government. 

"On behalf of TIPRO and its members, the association is pleased to present our 2022 Hats Off Award to Governor Abbott for his dedicated work throughout the years that have reinforced the oil and gas industry in the Lone Star State," said Ed Longanecker, president of TIPRO. "Governor Abbott has time and again shown his leadership for our state and the Texas oil and gas industry. Thanks to his efforts, we continue to lead the nation in oil and natural gas production. Governor Abbott truly understands the important role the oil and gas industry plays from an economic and energy security perspective." 

About the TIPRO Hats Off Award: TIPRO's Hats Off Award is the association's highest accolade that honors leaders who make significant contributions in support of the oil and natural gas industry in Texas. Recipients of the TIPRO Hats Off Award are selected for demonstrating service that has promoted opportunities for independent producers and royalty owners to continue to prosper. 


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