Upstream Texas

TIPRO Issue2 22 Cover2

TIPRO is the voice of Texas’ upstream sector and represents members by lobbying at the state and federal levels to ensure they can continue to explore for and produce oil and natural gas. As the official bi-annual magazine of the association, Upstream Texas features insights into the opportunities and challenges currently facing the Texas oil and gas industry, as well as profiles key industry players and regulators.

Read the 'Fall/Winter' issue of Upstream Texas here. In the latest edition of the publication, TIPRO reviews the important role of Texas' oil and gas industry, which is stepping up to provide critical energy supplies while geopolitical dynamics continue to shift. The feature in TIPRO's magazine also emphasizes the vital need for supportive policies in America to allow for further development of natural resources and provide regulatory stability embracing domestic oil and natural gas. Also in this issue of Upstream Texas, TIPRO highlights new opportunities for drilling emerging in South Texas, specifically in the Austin Chalk formation in Webb County. Insights from oil and gas data analytics firm Enverus reveal new prospects for Texas E&P companies in the region, which in recent years has presented strong potential for development. Inside Upstream Texas, TIPRO is also excited to highlight top officials and industry leaders, including Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, Texas Railroad Commission Chief Engineer Ted Wooten and Kendrick Oil & Gas President Michael Kendrick. 

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