Upstream Texas

TIPRO Issue1 21 CVRTIPRO is the voice of Texas’ upstream sector and represents members by lobbying at the state and federal levels to ensure they can continue to explore for and produce oil and natural gas. As the official bi-annual magazine of the association, Upstream Texas features insights into the opportunities and challenges currently facing the Texas oil and gas industry, as well as profiles key industry players and regulators.

Read the latest issue of Upstream Texas here. Inside, TIPRO looks back on the history of the association, as TIPRO celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2021. With a long-established legacy and multi-generational leadership, TIPRO is proud to provide leading representation and advocacy work since 1946 for Texas independent producers and royalty owners. Don't miss TIPRO's main article discussing the history of the association and outlook for future aspirations. Also in this edition of the TIPRO magazine, TIPRO provides detailed analysis from February's historic winter storm, showing how natural gas helped many Texans keep their power on throughout the arctic blast and discussing reforms being evaluated by policymakers and state leaders to protect the state's energy grid in future weather events. TIPRO also is excited to highlight in the 'Summer 2021' edition of Upstream Texas top officials and industry leaders, including Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Railroad Commissioner Jim Wright and Killam Oil Partner Cliffe Killam. 

We also encourage readers to see our publication archives and view past editions of the association's Upstream Texas magazine. To access previous issues of the TIPRO publication, please click on the links available below:
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