Upstream Texas

TIPRO Issue1 22 Cover

TIPRO is the voice of Texas’ upstream sector and represents members by lobbying at the state and federal levels to ensure they can continue to explore for and produce oil and natural gas. As the official bi-annual magazine of the association, Upstream Texas features insights into the opportunities and challenges currently facing the Texas oil and gas industry, as well as profiles key industry players and regulators.

Read the 'Spring/Summer 2022' issue of Upstream Texas here. In the latest edition of the publication, TIPRO takes a closer look at the pressing need for energy infrastructure investment and development in the United States and underscores some of the repercussions of a regulatory environment promulgated by policymakers and the current administration that is spreading uncertainty for development and threatening to hamper American energy security. Demand for oil and gas continues to surge, but is the country taking the steps necessary to ensure adequate infrastructure systems are in place to keep pace with transporting energy supplies to market? This special TIPRO feature discusses why the nation's leaders must work together to create a stable energy future in America and act today to adopt policies that will encourage investment in pipeline infrastructure as well as support expansion of export terminals and facilities in the U.S. Also, with rapid shifts to energy markets and a rise in drilling activity,experts from oil and gas data analytics company Enverus examine some of the challenges producers are currently facing, including higher costs for materials and supply limitations, particularly in the Permian Basin. In this edition of Upstream Texas, TIPRO is also excited to highlight top officials and industry leaders, including Speaker of the Texas House Dade Phelan (R-Beaumont), Texas Water Development Board Chairwoman Brooke Paup and EnerVest President and CEO Jud Walker. 

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